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Presidential Elections 1

Originally Posted 12/19/11 

To all who get offended by this post, sorry but these are my views and you don't have to read them...I will be posting updates and info over the upcoming 2012 presidential elections...

2012 Presidential Elections:

So many people might not know this about me but I am a pretty conservative democrat. I had a difficult time choosing parties when I was younger because I do appreciate many of the Republican ideals and ways of handling certain issues; however I do identify more with the Democratic Party. So as I have been keeping tabs with all the candidates and the current president, I have been really pissed off about all this religion- talk in almost all of the Republicans speeches. Granted there are other issues at hand but this is one issue I want to talk about today.

  First off to be very clear on where I stand, I believe that there must be a clear division of Church and State.  The government should remain impartial to any religious affiliation as the country has never declared a national religion, since freedom of religion was one of the major reasons many left Great Britain in the first place. What ticks me off is that many candidates have been attacking the current President about his lack of religion (mind you the lack of a Christian religion is what gets them annoyed) even going as far as saying that the President has a “War on Religion” (  Now I am not a die-hard fan of any President even President Obama, however when has Obama ever done anything wrong to “religion”. Now before any of you start attacking me about the President’s view on  Gay Marriage, please read the following:

Legalization of Marriage between two people of the same sex is a power entirely up to the State. No matter how much the President might hypothetically be in favor of Same-Sex Marriage, the State can be the only one to enforce said policy. That is why only a few states have legalized Same-Sex Marriage. Also, to all those who say that the Bible says marriage is between a man and woman, fine that’s great and all but that is concerning a religious ceremony. NO WHERE, does legalizing same-sex marriage mean that they will be recognized as married in any religion, its only for the state recognition, so that they too can benefit from being legally bonded and share the benefits married couples have ( insurance coverage, tax breaks, and next-of-kin in medical and financial situations).

Back to the original topic at hand, there should really be more focus on what actually matters, instead of  speaking about religions as a way to get votes, there need to be talks on what economic reforms, health, and domestic and foreign policies they would support and how those policies would affect the American Public. So please do not be worked up about the blunt use of religion as a means to get voters, please go out there and research on whatever prospective candidate you would like to vote. These posts are in no way supposed to make you want to choose any candidate that I bring up, but as a means to inform any readers I might have and to prompt you to please make your own educated vote in the upcoming elections.

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